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Helping students learn how Jesus makes a difference in their everyday life

Thrive Students

Let’s be honest: being a teenager isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Middle and high school students are constantly living in the tension of growing up and becoming their own person while still being only teenagers. That tension leads to some of life’s best memories and biggest questions.

At Thrive Students, we’re here to do three things:

Help students understand how Jesus impacts their lives in normal, everyday ways.

Provide a safe space where students can ask hard questions and face their struggles.

Partner with parents to provide resources to disciple their student at home.

growing up can be hard

But it should also be fun.

Sundays | 6:30–8:30pm

Thrive Nights

Thrive belongs to the students. It’s their place to be accepted as who they are – whatever that looks like.

Every Sunday night we gather together to hang out, play games, worship, and study the Bible together as students. Our goal is to show students how Jesus impacts every part of their lives and is more than just a church thing.

Watch how Jesus is changing the lives of students

Upcoming Student Events


October 2, 2022

Come meet the Thrive leadership team and enjoy some tasty breakfast after the 9am service. You'll hear our plans for the school year and hear how we are partnering with you to disciple your teens.


November 4-6, 2022

Students have A LOT going on. School, relationships, sports, and all the other pressures of being a middle and high schooler. For one weekend our teens have a chance to get away from all of that and spend time worshipping together, learning from God's Word, and having lots of fun with other students at our Thrive Fall Retreat.

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