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Life is hard enough already.

Your faith in Jesus shouldn’t make it even harder.

At Salem Chapel, we believe your relationship with Jesus is not about rules to comply with or pretending you have it all together.

It’s about you walking hand in hand with Jesus as he leads the way.

We’re here to help you learn how to do that.

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I endured years of abuse and my own sin. I felt like a fraud of a Christian…

Bethany felt like she was crumbling under the pressures of life. God showed her that He understands her pain and struggles and that communion with Him is her utmost good. Bethany is learning that she doesn’t have to live under the guilt and shame of all the ways she falls short, but is rejoicing and trusting God and his unfailing grace and goodness… for abusers and victims alike.

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At Salem Chapel, our mission is the make and mobilize disciples of Jesus. In order to make disciples, we feel it’s our responsibility to give you the tools you need to become a disciple.

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