That You May Believe

Helping every person know how to abide with Jesus is our desire at Salem Chapel. We believe abiding with Jesus is essential for you to experience a deep, life giving relationship with Him.

But so often circumstances, our past pain, or other pressures of life can define our view of Jesus. These outside forces can cause us to feel disenchanted with Him. After all, why would you want to abide with someone who you are struggling to believe will deliver on what they promised?

But what if you knew that Jesus is not threatened by your doubts about Him or what you believe He should be doing in your life? What if you knew He welcomes your questioning?

Everyone of us have moments in our life that test who we believe Jesus to be. Therefore, for the next five and a half months we are going to be walking through the book of John in a series entitled, “That You May Believe”. The apostle John wrote this gospel for one purpose as stated in John 20:31 – “These are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”

So we are going to allow ourselves to take whatever we are experiencing to the pages of the book of John and believe with expectancy that Jesus is going to meet us in those moments. Because what Jesus wants for you is to abide with Him so “that you may believe” in His love and power toward you through the good and the difficult of life.

We also encourage you to read through the book of John using our Reading Plan and Bible Reading Tool.

Messages In This Teaching Series: