Make & Mobilize Initiative

Make & Mobilize Initiative

2023 GOAL


As the construction phase has continued, we have discovered some significant improvements that can be made to the renovation project to greatly enhance the effectiveness of these spaces. We believe these improvements will maximize how these spaces can impact the community and our church body. The following are the opportunities we have identified:

Expand the Children’s Outdoor Recreational Space.

Expanding this space now rather than later allows us to save money because the heavy equipment needed is already on site for the current construction. This would maximize the footprint of this area to create as much green space as possible for children and families.


Additional fencing and security for the children’s recreational outdoor spaces.

This fencing would separate the Re-store back parking lot from the Children’s Rec Space to prohibit car traffic behind the building. It will also provide gating to prevent car traffic from the main parking lot of the church facility. This fencing is essential for the safety of the children and families who will utilize this space. It will also have gates to allow for community use.
Security cameras will also be installed to monitor activity of the outdoor spaces. This allows parents in our church body and community to be at ease when children or teens are utilizing these spaces.


Awnings for the Salem Kids Entrance and Gym Entrance

This would provide cover during inclement weather so families can enter these spaces without the risk of slipping and falling due to rain or ice.


Making these additional improvements will cost approximately $100k. Therefore our Make and Mobilize Initiative 2023 goal will be to cover the costs for these additional improvements.

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