Discipleship Tools

Did anyone ever take the time to actually disciple you in your walk with Jesus?

If you’re like most Christians, the answer to that question is no. Maybe you were told to read the Bible and pray, but no one ever taught you how to read the Bible or how to pray.

At Salem Chapel, our mission is to make and mobilize disciples of Jesus. In order to make disciples, we feel it’s our responsibility to give you the tools you need to become a disciple.

discipleship tools

Bible Reading Tool

Did you know only 19% of adults engage with the Bible on a regular basis? Most say that’s because it’s hard to understand or apply to our everyday life.

Our Bible Reading Tool helps you develop a framework for reading the Bible that allows you to not only understand the passage, but apply it to your life in unique, personal ways.

discipleship tools

Prayer Tool

Since Jesus took time to teach his disciples how to pray, we think it’s a good idea to help teach you how to pray as well.

Prayer is about acknowledging the reality of who he is, who we are, and how much we need him. Our Prayer Tool walks you through a posture of prayer that is based on exactly how Jesus prayed himself.

discipleship tools

Hear & Obey Tool

A follower of Jesus isn’t someone who just hears the words of Jesus. They are someone who puts them into practice.

God is speaking to you. What is God saying to you What are you going to do about it?

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Mark Duncan – Discipleship Pastor