Life is difficult. I am sure that’s not news to you. But how do you navigate through life when you are experiencing suffering as a Christ follower? Sadly often Jesus is sold as someone who will remove all obstacles of suffering from your life. Therefore many Christians today have trouble sorting out the complexity of their identity and calling in Christ when suffering is experienced. They were reared to believe that a Christian should only experience the joys of being one of God’s children. They have been taught nothing of how to face suffering, walk through it, and rise above it in order to experience greater hope and strength in Jesus Christ.

Throughout the Bible we are told the way up comes by going through the valley; restoration comes after difficulty. It is this inversion in perspective that marks Peter’s theme throughout this letter. Our future inheritance and hope is not ultimately found in this world. For sufferings in this world always precede subsequent glories in heaven and for all eternity with our Savior. So how do we live “Differently” and faithfully as followers of Jesus in this world that is not our final home? This journey through 1 Peter will give us the answers.