We are gathering for in person worship services on Sundays at 9am and 11am with social distancing + safety measures in place. Please read our FAQs below to learn about changes that have been made to ensure your safety.

We are now offering Salem Kids programming for Birth-5th Grade during the 9am service. Learn more about our Salem Kids safety protocols and register your kids at

Due to safety guidelines for limited capacity, registration is currently required for both Worship Services and Salem Kids - please use the buttons above to reserve your spots. You will need to do this for every service you plan to attend.


When will Salem Chapel resume in person worship services?

We have resumed in person worship services. We will continue to provide worship and teaching content online on our website, YouTube and Facebook. Please refer to the graph outlining the Steps for Reopening Salem Chapel to familiarize yourself with our plan.

When in-person services resume what precautions will Salem Chapel take to ensure social distancing?

Worship service capacity will be limited based on the recommendation of health officials. To accomplish this, we have integrated a seating reservation system with our website that is similar to systems used by movie theaters. Each individual or family will need to reserve the number of seats needed at either the 9 or 11 AM service. The reservation system is designed to automatically place the appropriate social distancing space around the seat or group of seats selected. Reservations will not carry over to the following week(s) but will need to be made for each Sunday you plan to attend.

Why is Salem Chapel implementing an online reservation system? Will the system be a permanent feature?

To provide a safe and healthy environment with appropriate social distancing for all who choose to attend in-person gatherings, we need to know how many individuals plan to attend each service. The reservation system best serves us in the short term. Once it is recommended that larger gatherings could be safely attended, we will discontinue use of this system.

How does the online reservation system work?

Links to reserve seats will be provided on our website ( You will click on the link for the 9 or 11 AM service and then select the service date to be directed to a seating chart of our auditorium. Select a seat for each person in your family. You may be familiar with this process if you have ever purchased movie theater tickets online.

You will then be prompted to move to the “Check-out Screen”. Once here, enter your name. We do not need the name(s) of each person attending, just one per family. As the system is designed for theater use and modified for our purposes, you will be asked to provide your email and billing address. Please understand we cannot change this setting, but you will not be charged for your seat(s).

Finally, you will be prompted to the next screen to confirm your ticket(s). A ticket will be emailed to you with the specific service and seat(s) you selected. When you arrive for the worship service please provide the emailed ticket(s) on your smart phone or a printed copy. Our hosts and ushers will assist you in locating the seat(s) you reserved.

Please note that you will only be able to reserve seats in certain rows. This is to ensure that no one is seated directly in front or behind your seat selection. The reservation system automatically places appropriate social distancing between groups of reserved seats on the same row.

**You will need to complete this process for each Sunday you plan to attend.

What if a service is at capacity and I want to attend a service in person?

Once a service has reached capacity you will not be able to select that service to make a reservation. You may choose to register for the overflow room for that service or you may check the other service for seating availability.

The reservation system for the overflow rooms is identical to the auditorium system except you will not select a seat. Rather the system will provide a “general admission” ticket for the overflow room. Please note that tickets for the overflow rooms will not be available on the website until a service has reached capacity. The overflow rooms will be hosted by a pastor and will have socially distanced seating. The service will be streamed live from the auditorium.

What safety, health and sanitation efforts will Salem Chapel implement when in-person worship services resume?

We always strive to maintain clean and sanitary facilities and have implemented additional layered measures out of an abundance of caution. These measures include but are not limited to the following:

  • The exterior building and auditorium doors will be propped open for “no touch” access. Our security team will monitor all access points. 
  • All surfaces and seats will be disinfected prior to and between each service. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available. We also encourage you to bring your own hand sanitizer. 
  • We will not “pass” offering baskets. Ushers will be available at the end of each service with baskets in which you can drop your gift. Online giving is also available on our website. 
  • We will temporally suspend handing out “Connect Cards” prior to our services. We will encourage those who are new to Salem Chapel or desire more information to fill out the virtual connect card located on our website.  
  • We will temporarily suspend taking communion until we can safely resume this church ordinance. 
  • Restroom facilities (except for the family restroom) have “TOE-N-GO” hands-free door openers installed. This system uses your foot to open the door from the exterior with your foot. 
  • Coffee service will be temporarily suspended. Please feel free to bring your own coffee. We will return this service when it is safe to do so. 
  • Water fountains are available and required by law in public spaces. However, we recommend you consider not using them for a period of time unless absolutely necessary. Feel free to bring your own bottled water.  

Will the Salem Chapel restroom facilities be available when in-person gatherings resume?

Yes, restrooms will be available. We also have an additional restroom for women which we will place into service. It is located near our current restrooms and will be indicated by new signage. Restroom facilities (except for the family restroom) have “TOE-N-GO” hands-free door openers installed. We will not monitor the capacity of restrooms but encourage you to maintain social distancing as much as is reasonable within the restrooms. All restrooms will be sanitized prior to and between each service.

Will Salem Chapel require face masks be worn during in-person gatherings?

Wearing a mask is recommended. If you are in need of a mask we will have disposable masks available at the welcome center in the Lobby. Please see a host and they will provide one for you to use. 

What if I am in a category of people considered high risk?

We would recommend you consider not participating in group gatherings if you do not feel safe. When in-person gatherings resume, we will provide a livestream of each service. As always, the pastoral staff is available for phone or video calls if you would like to speak with a pastor.

Will Salem Chapel require temperature checks at in-person gatherings?

For families participating in Salem Kids we will be checking temperatures each week at the family entrance.

What if I don’t desire to return immediately to in person services? Will Salem Chapel provide online content after in person gatherings resume?

We understand that not every person will desire to immediately return to in-person worship services. When in-person services resume, we will provide both the 9 and 11 AM service via livestream which will allow you to continue to worship at home. The livestream will broadcast the entire service live and will be made available to view after the live services have ended.

When will Salem Kids classrooms open for in-person gatherings?

Salem Kids classrooms are now open during the 9am services. You will need to register each child at

What safety, health and sanitization efforts are being implemented in Salem Kids?

You can read our Salem Kids safety protocols here.

When will Thrive Student Ministry resume in-person gatherings?

Thrive is currently meeting both in home-based small groups and at the church.  Thrive will also have events for students that allow for time in God’s Word and for fellowship while maintaining social distancing. For more details about Thrive events and safety measures please email