What is Restore?

Restore is focused Christ-centered care when God feels small and circumstances feel big. Restore will help you see and understand life through the lens of God’s story. Even though you are living in a broken world filled with heartache, disappointment and doubts, you will learn that you are also living in Christ, and how he makes a difference in your everyday life. Restore also shows you how to abide in the love of Christ. Abiding in Christ through his word is the means by which you can experience a deepening communion with God and grow in faith. 

As people work through Restore, they share similar testimonies such as … God is real … He is near … God loves them… He speaks to them through his word and He comforts them. Lastly, they become convinced of their need for God’s people, as they have been heard, known, and encouraged in gospel-centered community. The bottomline is that people walk away more confident in God, freeing them to enjoy life as God created them to live.

Who is it for?

Restore is for any person who wants to grow as a disciple or who is overwhelmed by life when God feels small. We have seen God use Restore to heal those who have been traumatized and to help those who deal with chronic struggles. We have also seen God do a beautiful work in those who were content with life and have also seen many couples grow in oneness as each of them have grown in their oneness with God. Given God’s powerful and pursuing love, there is no sin or suffering too great or too small to bring to Restore.

2022 Groups.

Our next Restore Groups will launch later this year. Applications are required to be placed in a group. Please read the below FAQ for more details.



  • A Restore Group is an intentional gospel community that starts with everyone sharing their stories, then moves through God’s story so that God can reframe and redeem your story while restoring your soul. Restore Groups help you to abide in Christ as you live in a broken world so that you can live with more freedom and confidence in Jesus. Women and men will be in different groups, which are not issue-specific.

  • The Christian life requires commitment and courage. God did not design us to journey in isolation. Committing to your Restore group through weekly attendance and engagement in the assignments and discussion demonstrates your desire to experience the love of God and others in the group, both giving and receiving encouragement.

  • 2022 Groups are launching later this year! Restore groups meet weekly for 14 weeks. We currently plan to meet in person on Monday nights from 7-9pm at Salem Chapel.

    If you know that you want to participate in an upcoming Restore Group, keep reading through the FAQ!

    Right now, we aim to hold groups twice a year in the Fall and the Winter/Spring, so if it doesn't work out to participate this time around, we'd love to have you join a group next time.
  • The process of joining a Restore Group starts with an application that tells us a little about yourself as we look to place you in a group. After you complete the application you will wait for us to let you know if we've been able to place you in a group. Our group availability is determined by the available leaders and slots that make group assignments. After we've determined group availability, we will let you know if you’ve been placed in a group or on a waitlist for a future group.

  • Restore is not a substitute for Life Groups. You have freedom to continue in your Life Group or to step out for a season. Through your experience in Restore, God will deepen your understanding of discipleship and care in community so that you will be better equipped to encourage and comfort those in your LG. In Restore, you will use the Restore Story Guide with your group to take a closer look at your own story as you begin to look up toward God’s story and realities revealed in his word. Also, Restore groups last 14 weeks and end with a celebration night.

  • Childcare will not be provided. However, families are welcome to get creative by joining together and sharing cost of a babysitter or asking someone in your Life Group to help out.

  • If you have other questions about Restore or would like to talk with someone about our ministry, email us at

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