We want to praise and thank the Lord for the miraculous work He has done in and through the people of Salem Chapel. I have seen and said this truth over and over again, “The Lord meets the needs of people through His people.” We see this truth in Scripture and we celebrate that we have experienced this truth in 2019. 

Salem Chapel’s mission is to glorify God by making and mobilizing disciples who represent the gospel to every man, woman and child. Over $1 million dollars was given to this mission God has given us as His church and we give Him the glory for this miraculous provision. As Elders, we could not be more grateful for your faithful and obedient sacrifice to the Lord by giving back to Him what He has entrusted you to steward for His Kingdom.


The Lord has multiplied what you have given in 2019 into a harvest of greater Kingdom influence both numerically, financially and spiritually in this city and beyond for the glory of God. (2 Corinthians 9:6-8)

I encourage you to click the link below to see how the Lord has multiplied the resources you have given and celebrate with us as Elders for what the Lord has done in 2019 and will continue to build in 2020 for His honor and His glory through His people!

The Best is Yet to Come,
Pastor Johnny Pereira